Girl acting really rude, don't know how to react other than laugh

I'm a guy, 27 years old.

My new co-worker, who is rather new (about a month and a half old in the job) is acting really rude towards me. Her personality is "fun" girl, who is comfortable around anybody, and laughs a lot. We kinda had a small attraction in the begining, she was taping me, asking for massages etc. But then she changed. Maybe was my fault, I made some unwanted comments about other girls when she was staring at their pictures on facebook (I unintentionally called them fat and big boobs, etc). And now she thinks I'm a piece of shit. We are only 5 workers, and everytime I make a comment she instanly shuts me up, says my opinion is unwanted, that she doesn't care about me, etc, etc. My reaction: I laugh (but the other guys start mocking me). It is like she literally lost all respect she had towards me. She also insinuated that I'm weak man. It is kinda childish, but she is feeling a couple levels superior to me. And this has been like this for the past 2-3 weeks.

Btw, I'm 27 and she is 23. I'm not in love with her, but I kinda like her and wish she was my friend again, even though at times I simply wanna tell her to fuck off.Don't really know how to gain more respect. I laugh, but I feel kinda annoyed.

Hi, some people here including me have mixed feelings about guys posting, if it turns into "ask a girl" then next step it'll be all flirting or hey baby yo baby like most places online lol. It's nothing personal but that might be why people haven't replied yet. Anyway I think she's being immature considering that you have to work together, so you need to get along even if you don't like each other. I can understand why she got annoyed frankly but unless there's more to it, she needs to get over it at least enough to be civil.

As for what you can do. I think this is a situation where being honest might help. Sometime when you can talk with her alone, say something like "hey, you seem like you're PO'd at me all the time lately, is it something I said? We need to get past it so we can do our jobs, if nothing else." Or something like that.

As far as being friends I wouldn't even try that right now I would just try to get past the anger etc. You never know she might realize how she's been acting and feel guilty and get nice. I have done that. But maybe not, I woudn't count on it. JMO!!


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