She is cheating on me.Please help me to confront .I have her online chats

There was a sudden change in her behavior recently and she does not want to talk much to me.Later she wants to break up suddenly to take her life ahead. I agreed to it as its her decisions about her life. It happened to me to?see a scraping service online & they were offering help to have a look on to her online chats. They ( agreed to me to get confidential access to her account for a fee and I took that risk.

To my surprise I went through her chats online and got to know that she was in touch with a guy in her office. I want to confront her with these chats but am afraid that she will get to know that I got access to her account somehow. Is that ok to let her know this ? Please advice??

you... haven't really specified the content of the messages. was it just flirting or was there actual intent of infidelity?

Anyways, let's focus on the bigger issue. That whole "scalping information" thing is NOT okay. At all. That action alone leads me to believe you have insecurities that led you to becoming an incredibly jealous, and possessive boyfriend. That's incredibly toxic, and borderline abusive. That kind of behavior is perhaps the reason why she left to look elsewhere in the first place.

i have a feeling this is more of an ad for the service than anything else.?

If you're already broken up, then it kinda doesn't matter how you got the messages. There's also no reason to confront her because its over. Take the L and move on.


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