boyfriend best friend is a jerk!

Hey I have a boyfriend that we been going out over a month now, we both really like each other. He been wonderful and makes me feel so happy! He the first guy that I really like after being out of the dating world for 3 years. He so close to being my dream guy and understands me so well! I was friends with his childhood friends before i meet him. I meet him through those friends. Those friends is one the most important friends he have and will talk about the most. He didnt talk much about that guy aka his best friend, my boyfriend childhood friends told me that i should be careful because that guy is a a**. They actually have a good judge of character, especially one of them I trust the most when judiging people since we are so close alike and also hate and likes the same type of people.
So im actually afraid and dont really want to mee him. He suppose to my boyfriend best friend and hearing he a jerk, it makes feel unnerve. I want to get along with him but i know if he really a jerk i would most likely get into a fight with him. What can I do? I can never make him feel torn picking between me and his best friend. Do I just pretend and put up another act, but my boyfriend will notice it?

Dont meet his best friend, your boyfriend is not your husband you dont have to buddies with every person hes friends with. Your boyfriends also needs to make it a rule that his bestfriend respect your so there wont be any problems.

I cant exactly avoid not meeting him because eventually i will, but its a good idea i can try to talk to my boyfriend to warn him and to go talk to him. He probably thinking right now ill get along with his best friend becuase im really friendly that can make friends with all type of people, which is true but not true the same time since i do dislike specific type of people especially people that naturally just jerks

Give the guy a chance. You haven't met him and you're judging him. Just because someone doesn't like him, even if its someone who's opinion you trust, doesn't mean you won't like him. If you met him and then don't like him, just tell your boyfriend you'd rather not spend time with him but don't restrict his time with his friend. Y'all don't have to be together 24/7. It's healthy to have separate friends.


I dont mind having different friends, but I dont really want my boyfriend to have friends in which I have to worry for him getting into big trouble with the cops. But right now i hate my boyfriend best friend, right now my boyfriend is away for the military he had to leave, anyway his best friend is causing big problems with one of mine and my boyfriend common friends. The problem is big enough we needed to get the authorities involve. We're trying to put the guy in jail for what he did to one my friends, because the guy did a crime so he must pay the price. Being a law major it pays off. My boyfriend knows i dont allow anyone mess with my friends without paying the price, im protective over my friends. Knows well i dont take criminals lightly. He knows how i am even before we started to date, we even talked about it as well.?

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