We both really like each other, except there's one issue...

I've been talking to this boy for awhile now and I can tell we both like each other a lot. He's told people he likes me and it's kind of just been established that we like each other. The only issue is that we found out he's a freshman, and I am a senior which makes things a little complicated. We still like each other regardless of the age difference (which isn't too bad), but the people around us like our friends and family would probably have their own opinions on this. How do we work around this?

i dont see that as a problem you guys like each other and if you guys dont mind long distance relationship if you are going away to college. when I was a junior i dated a freshman guy and it wasnt bad so why not give the guy a chance? Dont let others decided who you should date?

If y'all don't care, then who cares. Tho if you mean high school freshman/senior, (you didn't say) there may be legal issues so be aware.

Who cares about who thinks what about your relationship with this guy. You're an established couple and that's fine. If anyone doesn't like something as silly as an age difference it's their problem and not yours. Your life is your life, other people don't ask you for approval about their lives so why should you care if you get theirs?

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Freshman and senior in high school or freshman and senior in college? How did you reach the point of knowing you like each other without realizing this?? It's a pretty big difference especially in high school, I mean, a very noticeable difference in every way.

Whatever works for the two of you is the most important thing, having said that, it would be hard for me to date a younger guy, I'm not saying I never would, just that it would be something to overcome like if he was shorter than me or if I found him unattractive.


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