Drunk makeout- what do I do?

Hi! I'm a freshman in college (I haven't been on here since freshman year in HS woah) and I was at a frat party the other night. I was a little drunk and I was with two girl friends that night. I saw this cute boy and I introduced myself to him, and I started dancing with him at 1am. He was a third-year student. He was definitely a lot less drunk than me, but he reciprocated and we had a good time. He couldn't hear me, so he asked if I wanted to go to a corner to talk. We ended up dancing in that corner, and then he pinned me up against the wall and we started making out (one of the best makeout sessions I have ever had!). He seemed to be into it, and he kissed my neck and propped my leg up around his. I was drunk, and my friend dragged me away from him after a couple minutes, and I was like "noo!" and he was nice and said "you should go be with your friends!"

I don't want to be "that freshman" who has a crush on an upperclassman who she had a drunk makeout session with, but he genuinely seemed like a nice guy trying to have fun with his guy friends. I looked him up on Facebook, and he doesn't seem fuckboy-ish at all. I'm debating whether or not to message him on Facebook. I highkey want someone to tell me that it's a bad idea, and that I'd come off as stalker-ish and that it would make me look desperate, but I just don't know what to do. Help, please! (also thanks for reading this omg its long)

Sounds normal. What all college age people do. (And we overthink things too.)

Probably whatever your first thought was is a good one to go with.

Though if this guy is that forward, he may be donig it to all the women.
So it depends if you just want a good time with a man, there he is, all ready to go anytime you want!
Which is fine. Just also be open to the possibility of meeting someone else, who might be different, but also good in a different way.

Well that's my ideas.
Best wishes!

i say get it girl! have some fun, dont over think it.?

If you're interested in him don't worry about being stalkerish or making yourself seem desperate. Most guys (at least in my experience) are grateful to have a girl show interest in them and make a move without having to be coaxed. If someone doesn't make a move, the one thing you're guaranteed to get is absolutely nothing. At the worst, if he doesn't reciprocate your endearment, fine, his loss. People try all the time and either succeed or fail. You have to be willing to take that leap sometimes, even if there's a chance it turns out wrong. Sometimes it's just worth taking a shot and finding happiness. Happiness lasts longer than any perception of failure.

This is normal and he sounds normal. That said I personally would feel weird initiating. Maybe I would friend him and see if he says anything.

btw be careful around alcohol + guys!!

I had something similar happen to me my freshman year. I ended up following him on twitter and he messaged me. It worked out fine for me. But if you are afraid of looking too stalkerish, you can "casually" bump into him somewhere, if you know where he hangs or you're on a small campus. It'll look like y'all just happen to be in the same place at the same time instead of like you were looking for him (online).?


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