Family and their religion getting in the way of us dating

I'm really close with my guy friend, and i suspected he liked me, and I like him too so I went for it and confessed my feelings to him. Good news, my suspicions about him liking me was correct. Bad news? His family are Jehovah Witnesses and he's agnostic, but yet the family enforces their beliefs on him anyways. He's not allowed to date, much less even a non-Jehovah witness such as myself. I suggested we could privately date and not tell anyone about it to be together, but he doesn't want to risk it at all. He's pretty popular, and if there are even suspicions of him dating someone, it'll spread quickly through school. And if his sister finds out, the most strict one of all, she'll convince the family to kick him out immediately. We are just sophomores in high school, imagining his family even doing that to him sickens me. I'm a bit selfish for still wanting to do it privately because I'm confident I could do it, but either way we can't be together. I've no choice but to keep trying again in the future and waiting until he's old enough on his own, not depending on his family. I still want to convince him to change at least something small between us, or establishing some kind of relationship where we know the other would wait for each other, but I don't know how to go about it to him or resolve my issue.

If I was you I would just be friends until he turns 18 so he won't be kicked out. And I've done sercret dating before and my parents found out and took me out of the school when I was a sophomore but thankfully a couple weeks later I was able to go back but they talked to the school and made it to where I didn't have any classes or contact with him. Thats just my opinion, but you guys do what you think will be best for your relationship and yourselves.


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