Okay, so, this guy I've liked since last year asked me out a few weeks ago, which is cool. But recently, he's told me he's struggling with depression. I immediately told him I was there if he needed to talk, and I was totally open.
He never was very involved, and he's never able to go anywhere. He claims it school and his depression. I've been noticing, though, he's never trying with our realtionship either. It's really bothering me.. and I'm worried he's lost his feelings for me. He seems to be fine around his friends though. He never texts back, or first. I don't know what's going on. Help??

yeah, depression is really tough in that regard. I'm suffering from it myself, and a big thing about it is there isn't so much a feeling of sadness associated as it is numbness, loss of interest in the things you used to really like, not wanting to do anything, things like that. I also think a big reason he wants to hang out with his friends more is, perhaps he hasn't seen them in a while, and maybe just wants to feel something. It's also much easier to put up a facade in front of friends.


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