Homecoming// Boy trouble

So I was at a football game for my school, and this guy he's on the freshman team; varsity was playing. We never talk but he was all over me. He ended up asking me to homecoming. I told him i didn't want to go because its not my scene. He then continued to ask if i wanted to date and i persistantly told him i didnt want to date.?

​But later the same night I was talking to this other guy, he's really nice and i want to talk to him moore but hes in the football team too and i feel like if anything happened between us the other guy is gonna hate me. But at the end of the night the first guy made it seem like the only reason he asked me was because the first girl he asked said yes then went and asked some other guy. I dont know what to do, Any advice?

Talk to who you want to talk to, and if the other guy reacts negatively, it's his problem. He asked, you said no. You didn't play him, so what's there to be mad about anyway?


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