I need to know if he likes me

So I'm a freshman in college. About two weeks ago I met this guy and we became friends really fast. Recently I got myself falling for him, but I've never had a real relationship so I can't tell if he likes me back. We Snapchat each other all the time. When we hang out he makes direct eye contact every time we talk. He also brushes against me sometimes or "accidentally" touches me. But sometimes I just can't tell if it's his personality or if he likes me back. I really need some opinions here.

Well, the best way to figure out is to ask him, but it seems like you've got a pretty good shot.

This is a cute beginning of any relationship knowing each other, spending time together, chatting all the time. I think one doesn't act like this until they likes you. I think somewhere he likes you. To get a more satisfying answer you can talk to a voyance pure expert they can help to know with their extraordinary vision. All the best for the new friendship.


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