I'm sort of falling for my best friend...

And I'm scared shitless. ?Like we're both super kinky and we've known each other forever... every time he tells me about something personal part of my souls dies and floats away to pervy heaven. ?I've known him for so long... it seems wrong falling for him now. ?Especially when his family moved back to Canada...

Any advice?

I'd go for it if you think he likes you or if you think you have a chance. The only problem is that it might get awkward between you two if he says no or something.. but good luck otherwise.?

So question,

Is there anything else you like about him besides the kinkiness? It's safe to assume that you two care for each other deeply on a platonic level, but is there something there sexually that's been confirmed (like have you two fooled around or went all the way?) Is there something there romantically?

Just saying, if you want to go for it, first try and figure out the "glue" that plans on binding and holding your relationship together, and if it'll be strong enough.


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