Long distance relationship break up

Hi guys, so i'm new to this forum and decided to join as for the past month i had been dreading to make a decision in my life and have no whee to turn to for advice. I have been together with my boyfriend for 3 years doing long distance, he lives in Asutralia and I live in the UK. We have met several times and we were once deeply inlove. The past few months I have started University and have gotten to know new people and met a guy who i find rather intresting and we both have similar interests and like the same things. I have began falling out of love with my current boyfriend and I have decided that I no longer want to be with him. But how do i break up with him? he's miles away. the main reason is because of the troubles with the visa requriements that i always have to meet to visit him vice versa . We used to speak about me moving over but as you can see from the link, it's very draining and all too complicated for me.
Please don't judge me, i just need advice as i feel rather guilty to break up over text?

I would do it via a phone call or skype. Tell him you wish this could be done in person, but because of the distance it isn't possible. And tell him the truth. Say you are moving into a new stage in your life and meeting new people, and you feel this distance is just not working. Be honest that you did love him, and he will always have a place in your heart, but it's not like it used to be, and you don't want to drag this out any longer. He's going to be upset most likely. But who knows- he could be feeling the same way. It's never easy after such a long relationship- but wounds heal and he will be okay. As will you.


Thank you Rayna! honestly i think i just needed a push, for someone to tell me straight rather than feel sorry for myself.. I really hope he doesn't take it too bad, he is quiet sensitive with most things and I don't want to send him under. But i guess i should think about myself too.


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