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So there's this guy that I've known for a while now... Maybe since like, last September? So a year? Anyways, I met him through a friend of mines, but we've never really talked/hung out. Every now and then I'll see him at a friends house during a party and sometimes we'll talk and joke around.

Recently, my friend started dating his friend, so I've been seeing him a lot more at his place because that's where he and his friends usually hang out. We've never really talked much after our hangouts, but he's a really nice and sweet person.

Back in April, my friend, Matthew, had a bonfire parry at his house. The guy, let's call him S, came by to hangout with us all. A few days after the bonfire, my cousin, Alyssa, told me that S was telling her all night that he was interested in me and that he wanted to get her approval to talk to me (she's a few years older than me so she's super over protective). She told him no because he's six years older than me and the age difference is too big. Ofc, I didn't believe her because she tends to exaggerate things, and I thought she was just poking fun at me

Flash forward to this past Saturday when I was hanging out with his friends and bim at his place. Somehow, we ended up talking about the bonfire, and I was curious to see if what Alyssa said was true, so I mentioned to him that she had told me what they talked about that night. He seemed taken aback and was saying how he was surprised Alyssa told me. Flash forward a few hours and we're about to leave when he pulls me aside and tells me that we needed to tak... Face to face soon. So I said okay and then messaged him when I got home to see if he was serious. We're meeting tomorrow (Tuesday), at a park and he wants to walk a trail and talk. I asked him what we're going to talk about but he won't tell me and just kept saying that it's nothing I should worry about. I just don't know what he's going to say and it's freaking me out because I don't like to be in unprepared situations.

I told my friends that I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in getting to know him better, but I'm planning to go to California at the end of this month. If things work out there, I'll stay there, but if things don't, I'll come back after a semester. I really want to get to know S better, but I'm scared I won't be able to do long distance if it comes down to it.

so, how did the talk go?

My best advice is to take things as they come, one day at a time. If it comes down to the fact that you're really into him, then you two might consider an LDR, or maybe you'll come back. A big question to bear in mind: who knows? There's no use in worrying about what's going to happen since you don't know yet. Another thing to keep in mind, he's just a guy, and at this point you barely know each other. If things fall through, there will be more opportunities.


Late reply, but basically he didn't talk about ANYTHING worth talking about. We literally met up to talk about a friend... WHO, by the way, didn't even live in the country at the time. I'm moving back to our town to go back to school, but I was pretty bummed out because of how the conversation went. I think I overreacted and I did call him out on it and he said that whatever he had said that whatever my cousin told me was most likely true, but he doesn't "remember".

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sounds like he might have had cold feet once you two met up. Buuut I'd say in this instance that it's probably not worth your time


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