Possible pregnancy?

Hi I'm new to the forums, and please educate me if I'm wrong.?
I am 17 years old. Recently I've been having a pregnancy scare that if I am really pregnant, would screw up my entire life ATM.?
June 28th I lost my virginity, with protection, he pulled out and (tmi) I was on my period. I had sex again 2 days ?later with the same situation ( condom, pull out, period). 2 weeks later, I got tested at the doctor for it to come up negative. I got started on the Depo Shot, and since then it's been insane. I haven't had a period since then, little to no cramps every once in a while, no bleeding at all, no boob issues, nothing. Just a UTI. I have thrown up since then but only 2 or 3 times. It's been ?two month, and 4 negative pregnancy tests. I'm being a hypochondriac and scaring myself to puke and panic. I keep imagining a baby bump on me. I need to know when is a good time to ask my mom to go to the doctor and when to test again. Last time i tested was about a week again and it was negative. But I feel like I would be the 1% to be "lucky" recently I was put ?on nitrofuratoin for my UTI and started taking biOtin vitamins too. Can someone give me some piece at mind and tell me what I can expect? What is the longest it can take for a hpt to show positive and was there a chance for me to get pregnant at all??
edit: I just realized I put this in the wrong topic, can someone change this please??


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