Opinions on younger guys?

There's a guy that I've known for 3 years now. The first 2 years, I just saw him as some guy I knew from band that was a couple months/a grade younger than I. Last year, he came to high school and started marching with me and he became a friend. This year, I have classes other than Band with him, and I'm beginning to see him in a new light. He's smart, talented, funny, handsome... so who cares if he's a little younger than I am? If I like him, then should I go for it? And if I choose to go for it, how should I flirt? I can't flirt with most guys but I am natural around this guy so I'm hoping it will be easier. Please, if you have opinions or advice, send it my way. Thanks!


As long as it's legal go for it.

There is nothing WRONG with it, if you both want to try it then I think you should!

I will say for me personally, I prefer the guy to be a little older than I am for some reason it's hard to explain.


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