Need Advice- Second Base?

Okay, so I have been dating this guy for a little while now. I met him at a Summer Camp, but, since we were both in relationships at the time, we were just friends. After camp, however, our relationships both ended (unrelated to each other), and we ended up dating. Unfortunately, however, we both live in different states, and it's a long distance relationship. We call every night, and talk about everything pretty much, we don't have secrets, and I am always so happy to talk to him.
However, since it is long distance, we have been brainstorming for a while when we can meet up in person. He actually lives about six hours away from me, so it isn't too much of a drive. So, after talking about it, we decided that I am going to come out for Labor Day. My parents and I are driving up there, and I get to spend that time with him, which I'm so excited about.?
My parents are staying in a hotel, but I am staying with him and his family (whom his parents I have met and feel comfortable with), and I am really happy since I get to see him.?
My boyfriend and I have talked about quite a few different things, and, as I said, we have no secrets. I trust him, and he means a lot to me. We were talking the other night, since Labor Day is next weekend, and we started talking about boundaries, such as how far (if at all) we will go.?
He left it completely up to me, and made sure that I knew he wasn't trying to pressure me or rush me into anything. So, I have been thinking about what I am comfortable vs. not comfortable with.
I decided that I wasn't comfortable with oral sex, as well as sex, as he is not a virgin (one girlfriend prior to me, who he had intercourse with) and he hasn't been tested for any STI's, and I am also not ready.?
However, I am still unsure about second base. After thinking about it, I have come to the decision that I am ready for that with him. However, since we haven't even kissed (since we didn't start dating until after camp), it would be the first time we physically hang out as a couple (even though our one month runs over Labor Day weekend).
So, here's my dilemma. My boyfriend gets a large amount of attention from girls, as he is an attractive guy. And he, though he recieves this attention, has only ever had one other girlfriend. And I am not insecure about measuring up, or anything of the sort, I just want to make sure that he doesn't see me as just another girl who likes him like that. And I know that he doesn't view me like that, otherwise we wouldn't be dating, but I just want to make sure he knows and that his view of me won't change, or that he won't think that I am easy, or anything like that.
I guess I am just asking- any advice? Anything is welcome, and thanks for bearing with me, as this was a longer post than intended.

How old are you and how old is he? I will say honestly, your parents driving you up and staying in a hotel so you can be around him seems unusual? Is there anything more to the story like, his family and your family have been friends a long time or your family was going on vacation in that area anyway so this is just an add-on part of the trip?

The STD risk sounds low in this case but, if you aren't ready you shouldn't push it anyway IMO second base sounds like a good idea depending your ages. I would let him make the first move but just have in mind what limits you want to stick to (for example no nudity or hands down pants) and stick to it, if he crosses the line just gently move his hand back out or whatever and smile it doesn't need to be a fight.

Good luck!!

What do you mean by second base???

Second base means boob fondling or kissing, or general groping, without touching private parts below the waist, normally!!

First base is kissing including french kissing. Third base would be stimulating private parts with a hand, or dry humping through clothes. Homerun is sex.

That is how I hear it used anyway JMO!!


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