My strict boyfriend

Hi everyone,?
My boyfriend and I have moved in together for 5 months and I'm afraid that we're not easy to live together. I'm kinda messy, I throw my stuff around. He gets annoyed. We fight. I tried to change. And now he even controls my diet.?
Is that a good thing for this relationship? I wonder what he's gonna do next.

Controlling guys are nt a good thing. If he is controlling your diet which to me is a pretty big part of your life the next thing just might be who you are able to see and not see, when you are able to go out or not. You don't need that sort of control over your life. That is scary stuff. Telling you what you can eat and what you can't eat isn't right. I think you might want to re-think moving in together.

nononooooo. that is not good for your relationship and if i were you i would get out of there as soon as you can. He does not have the right to control you... like at all but the more you fall into it the more it will feel normal and become routine. he will gain more and more control over you and things will get f**ked. remember, you are a person too with rights dont let him do that!!!

Well at face value if he is controlling your diet that sounds bad but, what do you mean? Do you mean he suggests you eat different things or do you mean he buys what he thinks you should have and not what you prefer or do you mean he literally forbids you to eat what you want? Sometimes when annoyed people don't word things accurately so just asking because, some of those situations are normal but the last one is unhealthy. Unless you asked him to do it!! This stuff can be complicated sometimes, I personally like to be controlled sometimes but then other times I don't and it might be hard for a guy to know which is which lol.

No No. This is not good. One can not control your diet.


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