What do you guys think?

A couple of months ago I posted something about this (guy) friend who I liked and wasn't sure if he liked me back.
Thing is, now I'm almost completely sure that he does like me, and people have actually asked me if we are in some kind of relationship because that's the vibe they get when we are together. I say that I am almost completely sure and not totally sure because I just found out that he got a girlfriend a couple of days ago. Despite that, he still flirts with me...
it seems to me that he is not that much into this new gf, he doesn't really look that happy lately.?
I have been keeping a little bit of distance but when I do talk to him, he smiles and laughs a lot, as if his problem were that I have been more distant with him.
What do you guys think about this? He is kinda shy and reserved so doesn't talk much about what's on his mind. Also, for some reason the rest of our group of friends haven't been talking to him since our two week break from class, don't really know why, which makes me think if that is what's bothering him too...

I feel you are doing the right thing by keeping some distance, because of his new girlfriend. He may still "flirt" with you, but that could just be part of the friendship he has made with you.

What I advise you do, is just mention to him he has seemed a bit off lately, and if he needs to talk, you are there. Hopefully he will open up. If not, then he needs to figure his stuff out on his own, and you need to just back off and let him be.


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