should i end things

i have been dating this boy for about three months, and so far everything is perfect. i haven't really been able to hang out with him much, as it is summer, but we facetime almost every night. he really likes me, in fact he has told me he loves me a lot and doesn't know what he would do without me. i really like him, and sometimes when i'm in his arms or when i'm with him and look into his eyes and he looks back at me like i'm the most beautiful girl in the world, i think its love. however, sometimes immnot so sure and i wonder if i'm missing out on anything. at the rate things are going, i think i'm going to date him for the rest of highschool ( in going into junior year in the fall) and i'm scared that i'll miss out on some highschool experiences i would be getting if i'm single, or missing out on the oppurtinuty to get to date other boys. should i stay with the guys i really like (especially bc he really likes me and i don't want to upset him) or should i end it in order to get the most out of the second half of highschool?

If you are having these thoughts, it isn't love. It's lust. If you are having these thoughts, maybe you should end it, and experience high school as a single gurl for awhile. Maybe someone else will come along that won't make you question whether or not you want to be with him. High school is the time to break hearts, and have your heart broken, amongst many other things.

Though you care about this guy and don't want to upset him, you really need to put yourself first when it comes to deciding if you want to break up. However, by the fact that you are asking this question may let you know that you may not be in the right relationship for you. If you believe that dating this guy is going to cause you to miss out on the high school experience, then I would suggest dumping him. But if you are serious about your relationship and legitimately think that you two may be together after high school too, then you may want to stay with him. To sum it all up, you should, at the very least, take some time to examine and think about your relationship and whether you would be better off with him just as a friend, or even without him.?

Yes I agree the fact that this is on your mind means something isn't quite right, like maybe you feel pressured to be with him because he's nice and you don't want to hurt his feelings. I think you should suggest taking a break or some time off. That way it doens't seem necessarily permanent and maybe you can try again later IF YOU WANT TO, and how he reacts will also tell you a lot about him. JMO!! Good luck!!


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