Friend with benefits

hey I've been having sex with my ex boyfriend who I've been friends with since we were kids. He has a gf but said he had feelings for me. We were texting almost everyday. He would text first and if I didn't respond the day before he would keep following up. I told him last week that I started seeing someone. Now I didn't but I said I was because I felt guilty for him cheating on his gf and I was starting to have feelings for him. His response was well he's a lucky guy and was I happy with him? Now I haven't heard from him in a week but I refuse to text him. My question is do you think he's annoyed I have a bf? Doesn't care? I can't tell. He also has depression issues so I'm a little worried. A few weeks ago when I told him i couldn't hangout he had a meltdown and was crying in front if me. He said he didn't wanna leave his gf but he has strong feelings for me. So, I don't know how he's reacting to my saying I'm now taken (feel bad for lying but if he can't leave his gf I had to move on)?


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