HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's confusing me and my heart

So I had this guy who hurted me a couple of times that is actually long distant but we' broke it off in the end of March cause I believe everything he left me for this girl but he told me that he didn't cause they didn't get together till May and that's when I actually found out about the girlfriend so he said he was single for 2 months but idk . So?He came back to me like on Saturday 😑 he told my friend how much he missed me and he wanna build our "friendship" back up and that he's sorry and Ohh yeah this girl I was talking about she ?screwed him over and cheated and left him for another nigga after a month 😭 we've been talking to each other as friends for 2 days now but what should I do? Cause I still have feelings for him but I don't trust him. Should I keep it as friendship ? Is it posssible to keep it as friends ? What do I do??


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