I Know It's Not Worth It, I Can't Get Him Out of My Mind Though?

I was hooking up with a guy constantly for a couple months when I was at college in the spring. I went home for the summer and ?that was pretty much it, he didn't try contacting me after that. I texted him once saying I was glad we crossed paths, (don't know why, was just being desperate) and he just said thanks without saying it back, so I assumed that that was it and done with, which is probably right. I was hoping that I meant a little something to him, but I guess not. I'm going back to school in a month and he's planning on enlisting and is being deployed soon, and we haven't talked since May so I know there's no point in me being hung up on him. How do I get him out of my head? I know he doesn't care about me and nothing will ever come of it again, but I still can't stop thinking about him.


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