Is he just using me?

I have a friend that I have kind of a love/ hate relationship with. I don't know how I feel about him because sometimes he is really insensitive and rude. But other times he can be really sweet and protective of me. He liked this girl that he met over instagram but his parents banned him from meeting her and talking to her. Before he even met her he would flirt with me. And while they were talking the flirting became more and more often. He would hide my stuff, and tease me, he told me I was attractive, and he tells me I'm talented often. He lays on me and I occasionally will lay on him and we sit up talking all night about stupid stuff. I can't say that I dont like him but I can't say I do either. It's complicated. He and I are brutally honest so he will be like "when you worry, it's a huge turn off" and I will tell him that his shirt doesn't match whatever pants he has on. I always fix his hair and if he has something on his face I will get it and if I need help he'll do it for me. Like he will push my hair out of my face when I don't have the hands to do it. We work really well together even if we don't always get along. Sometimes he can make me angry but I can honestly say that I'm the only person that can make him truly laugh other than his brother and it's great. My family and friends absolutely despise him. The other night I told him I needed him to be somewhere with me because something traumatic had happened and he was there in under 5 minutes. No he didn't hold me and let me cry and tell me everything was alright (probably because my sister and my best friend who both equally hate him were there) but he stuck by my side. No he's not always the gentlest and he can be rude but... if I'm alone with him and I feel like reaching out and grabbing his hand or kissing him, should I? Should I flirt and see where it ends up? Or do you think he's just using me? Please help. Thanks ❤️

Keep your mind completely calm and recollect your past memories. Were you happy with him? If so then you can put a try.?


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