Is he just using me?

I have this guy friend that I had a crush on my freshman year. Last year we became really close and told each other everything. Now I'm a junior and we hang out a lot. He kind of flirted with me last year but I would always flirt back and it wasn't a big deal. He pisses me off and he's not sensitive at all, usually but occasionally he can be. He can be really sweet and caring. And other times he can be a jerk. None of my friends like him but I don't know what to think. He always comes to me for girl advice and I go to him for boy advice. He has a new girl but his parents won't let him see or talk to her and he's upset about that, naturally. But even before that happened he began flirting with me and telling me what I did that turned him off. Which is rude but we are both brutally honest with each other, because that's how we are. He's been helping me and giving me advice and really touchy. He will lay on me and I lay on him some and we talk. We have late night conversations about the most random stuff and I'm the only person that can make him truly laugh. He hides my stuff from me and teases me. He told me he thought I was attractive the other day and idk. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel anything for him but at the same time, I don't know if I do feel anything for him because sometimes I hate him so much. It's truly a love hate relationship and I can't help but think he feels the same way. The other night I told him I needed him to be somewhere with me because something traumatic had happened and he was there in under 5 minutes. No he didn't comfort me and hold me and tell me everything would be ok and just let me cry, but I have a feeling if my sister and best friend (who both hate him) hadn't been there he would've. Idk what to do. I don't know what I feel but if I felt at some point when we were alone to kiss him, should I? Should I flirt and see where this goes? Does everyone else think he's just using me? I don't know but that's why I'm posting this. Thanks ❤️


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