Depressed over loss of a pet

Fluffy was my kitten of 4 months. We used to share a great bond, so much that she always used to sleep beside me. Last week she disapperaed, we searched for her a lot when could not find her. We hoped that she wold return after a couple od days, but she didn't. Yesterday a neighbour said that she found raccoon feces in her garden and a kittens dead body, She buried it not knowing it was mine. I feel so sad and upset, I won't be able to see Fluffy now. The locals have decide to call a wildlife renoval service as raccoon trouble has increased now but I have lost my Fluffy. I can't seem to accept that fact.

I have lost a lot of pets over the years, like i mean heaps. So I definitely understand what you're feeling. Fluffy sounded like a beautiful, fun loving? and adoribly cute kitten. It's horrible to think about the past, knowing you can't see her anymore. But she is always with you and she is in your heart. Maybe she was supposed to be with you for those wonderful 4 months and then went to leave, becuase she had made you happy and had improved your lifestyle.? when my rabbit died after 2 years, i cried my eyes out, hoping she would come back and i could cuddle her again. It's ok to let your emotions out and cry. Just remember that she is watching over you. Hope your ok, message me if you want to? Xxx

There is a local animal shelter in my city that offers counselling on this. Have you tried looking into this?


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