How to properly look after a Rabbit

I have 2 rabbits currently and 3 in the past. I also have 6 other pets. This is some good information on how to look after your bunny and keep it in full health. First, Foods: Rabbits should have a variety of foods that may?include lettuce,greens, carrots, apple, banana, kale and perhaps grass. But keep in mind that Bananas, Apples and Carrots are treats! Rabbits should not have much of these, a maximum of a wheel of carrot?or banana a day, or a small slice of apple. Make sure your rabbit always has fresh water and greens in it's food bowl. Also fresh hay.?Toys: Rabbits will very much benifit from a peice of cardboard to chew and throw around or a cardboard box to hop in and out of. Enviroment: Rabbits need a big space to explore with thing in their cage/room. They also benifit from having a window near them to look out of. They also love having time outside. If you do put your rabbit ouside, make sure you are with them and the area has a shady space aswell as a sunny place.Company: Some Rabbits are shy so they might not mind being alone, but if your rabbit is an only bunny, be sure to give them attention. If your rabbit has a friend then they have company and they might not need all of your attention. Strictly remember this rule. Do not get a rabbit for your child. They are not good pets to be thrown in a cage for no attention.?Rabbits do not like to be handled roughly by a child and are territorial about their space.?Get a dog or cat for your child, to boost attention and encouragement. And never ever ever never hurt an animal for any aparent reason.? Also if you already have a bunny and are going to get another, do not throw them in together, gradually let them make friends. Rabbits should not be kept outside,? . Your rabbit should have regular check ups and be vaccinated against illneses like Calici, Myzamatosis?from mosquitoes.?Good luck! Any questions on this, please comment below.


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