If anyone wants advice/ or ask questions about pets comment here

I know a lot about pets and maybe i can help you understand something that is going on with your pet!? ask me any pet related questions here!

What pets have you had?(:

I have had so many pets its hard to count! Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Fish, Birds and a Crab!

I have two cats(Bruno & Bobby) and a dog (Bernie) . I am concerned for the safety of my pets with the chemicals that we use for removal of snow. Check this article on snow removal products and practices?http://infinitygardens.ca/blog/snow-removal-products-and-practices-that-are-safe-for-you-and-your-pets/. How far it is correct? Which products do you people use for snow removal (pet owners)?

bit late to the game... but we just use a shovel and if we need more traction the woodstove ashes or a limestone gravel?


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