Is anyone else on gurl a major cat lover?

I seriously cannot get enough of them

I love cats,but that goes without saying; I love animals lol

I used to get bullied in elementary school for how much I love(d) cats.?

I have four cats! i love them!

Me! c:I plan to get a cute kitty soon :33

I am seriousy a crazy cat lady! People come to my house and say" Wow You have a zoo full of animals!" Cats are my favourite though!

Very cat loving :) they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love giving them catnip.

I love cats c: I would love a Sphynx cat x

I've always loved them. Living with over ten of them was very difficult. (They were my moms cats and she never neutered/spayed them) I still love cats, but my husband is allergic, so thankfully I love dogs as well! And honestly any animal.

I love them so so so much!


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