She won't stoooop

My cat won't stop climbing on the curtains and no matter what I do, she always keeps going at it. I've tried spraying her with water, spanking her (I know that's not the best way, but I don't do it hard), picking her up by her scruff (with a hand supporting her butt, I'm afraid I'd hurt her if it was the scruff alone),snapping my fingers at her, and yelling "quit!", "stop", and "Ah ah ah!". Some of those only work for a few seconds and she's right back to it.

Would anyone know any tips on how to get this furry Satan to listen? I'm actually losing sleep over this, because she does it at 5 or 6am and late at night. I love this little furball to death, but she's killin me.

I have a small vanity in front of the window that she sits on. So I guess I either move the vanity over or try your idea. If one doesn't work, I'll try both.?


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