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In a few days we are going to meet a little cutie named Remi! If all goes well in a little over a week we will go back to pick him up and take him home. I've lived with dogs but never puppies, and never have I been the main owner in charge of feeding, cleaning, walking, and training. I've been Googling like crazy but I feel soooooo unprepared. The foster mom said not to stress, that he is learning not to chew, he is mostly house trained, and he is well behaved and quiet. But that's not helping! I'm still sooo anxious.. Any advice?

Puppies are endless bundles of energy... it never ever stops... lol?
When you bring them home they'll need time to adjust.. so don't overwhelm them and be patient. Mistakes happen :)
Start training early.. as soon as they adjust... best thing is to take them to puppy classes as you will learn from the trainer and they will get some socialization time too.. After that they have basic obediance and other classes too.. find a good trainer not the Petco deal...
Socalize Socalize Socalize :) Get em out and exposed to everything.. people, dogs, situations, you name it..?

You'll be fine.. the best thing about dogs is they forgive easily and adapt to anything. :)

My boyfriend and I got our first puppy together almost two years ago. I was unemployed at the time and that helped a lot so I could devote all my time to her and I brought her every where with me. Like you I had lived with dogs but never had my own fur baby and it can be scary because they rely on you, but you will be fine!

sorry about the random question always does this to me.

You're going to do great, just be patient and research a lot! Haha I have some tips for you that hopefully help. Unless you want to be pulled around I suggest training them how to behave and walk correctly on a leash right away. One strategy you can do is when the dog pulls you just turn around and walk in the other direction, and repeat this step until they understand they have to walk nicely on leash.?

Teaching them leave it is a must in my opinion. You don't want your puppy eating things it shouldnt or becoming one of those dogs that will steal food off your plate and even out of your hands. Youtube has some great training videos for that! I like to put a treat in my hand, and close my hand. Hold it in front of the puppy. The puppy will try it's best to paw, lick, bite and whine for the treat. Don't let them have it, and after they stop trying you can reward them. After doing this multiple times you can add the cue "leave it" and start opening your hand. Close it right away if he goes for the treat and start the process again.

I also suggest teaching them stay/wait, and sit. I like to have my dog sit and wait at the door to allow me to go out first and then say okay and they can come out as well.?

I like to feed my dog meal times and have him sit and wait for that as well! 😊?Really the more you teach them the better, and exercise them a lot :)?


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