Will getting my cat neutered aid in preventing physical fights with other cats


I have a beautiful male outside cat that is unbelievably affectionate and lovable but he is not neutered. He comes home after night hunts with chunks of hair missing or cuts and knicks taken out of his skin and a time or two I have heard cats fighting, hissing and screaming off in the distance and I can pretty much tell by the state of his skin that it was him. I had a female cat growing up (got spayed after a pregnancy) so I'm not as educated on my male cat but I really don't think he is the initial cause of altercations. His temperament is too good to be a fighter but like I said, I'm not positive. I'm just getting tired of him getting scratched up. So I was wondering if getting him neutered will help with this at all?

I have a male cat and a female cat and they've both been neutered. They get into fights sometimes but I think they would definitely get into more if they weren't so I'd say you should get him neutered. When they do fight, it never gets too serious. My cats are both very friendly but a bit shy and even they fight with each other rarely but I think that is just part of their nature. And I don't think cats spray everywhere if they're neutered. Btw your cat is really cute 😍

Thank you!?


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