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So I have 2 bunnies, 4 years old each. We usually keep them outside in summer, because they smell. That's the problem. When winter comes we have to put them inside, so that they don't get sick, but despite the fact that we wash them regulary, they still have a specific smell and I don't know what to do, because it's really sickening. We even kept them in a different room before so that the whole house doesn't smell like rabbits. Also, they're healthy.
Please if you have an advice, feel free to share it, because I'm getting tired of them and their smell. 

Have you thought about asking a vet or animal shelter? Best I could do for now.

Yes I've actually said to the vet that the bunnies smell, and they just said it's normal. I really wish there is a way to prevent it though. 

They are animals, they smell. I had a rabbit that lived in my bedroom for years and she smelled sometimes but it wasn't unbearable or anything.
She was litter box trained and I changed her box once in the morning and once at night and that really helped a lot. I had a ceiling fan in my room that I ran a lot of the time too.

Not many people know this but Bunnies should be kept inside and put outside in a enclosure regulary. Keep your rabbits inside and givethem enough space to move around. The reason they smell is beacause they may not have enough space inside to run around. Its good that they are healthy and your trying very hard to be a great owner but try keeping them inside and giving them a wider space to be in, If they are in a cage or hutch try getting a portable fence and putting it in a room so they have a bit of space. Also the smell might be if they are not litter boxed trained. Try getting them trained to do their buisness in a box. Hope this helps. Keep up fresh greens and i know some bunnies like a treat ( carrots are treats) Or just love more company. Remember the more time you spend with bunnies the more they will get to know you and be more friendly. Good Luck!!!


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