Kittens bad habit

My seven month old kitten has scarthched a small hole in my bed room window sill.I used an obeject tape and sheets to hide it so he wouldn't do it.He hasn't done this since then but today I came home and notice the sheets and object were moved but hole didn't seem deeper.Point being is how can I stop him from doing this? He has a sratching post and everything.

You probably needed an answer to this post months ago... but anyways.
I know this probably sounds cruel, but it's what my cat care guide said to do. Get a spray bottle, fill it with clean water. Whenever your kitten does something you don't want it to do, you have to spray it with water. Obviously don't drench the poor thing, just one spray will do. If you continually spray your kitten when it does bad things, it will eventually begin to associate that action with getting wet and then it will stop doing it. Good luck! =^.^=

Get him some toys, he is probaly bored.

surferchick:Get him some toys, he is probaly bored. 

I agree, I have a cat and these things make mireacles lol, sorry I don't know how to post pics


My cat Nany has a problem she keeps on biting me is that normal for a 1year old cat.

@papayagirl, that was helpful.


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