Missing Cat

My cat was my best friend at home, he is always there for me when I felt terrible about everything. He sleeps on my bed and I feed him treats and he lays with me while watching TV. He's only 5 years old, and he is adorable and amazing and I love him beyond belief.
But on Monday, he went missing. He always comes when we shake treats outside or put food on the front porch, even if he's all the way down the street. But he never came. My family and I keep looking for him, but to no avail. We live across the street from houses that are on the canyon, and there have been sightings of coyotes recently.
I just can't believe this is happening. At school, I feel like it's not real. 'He'll be there when I get home, like always,' I tell myself. But when I get home and see the "Lost Cat" signs, I know it's real. It all feels like a big nightmare.
I already have big social issues right now, and my best friend moved away a year ago. I already felt grief for her, and for a long time now I've felt this coming. I feel like my cat going missing is the tipping point, and my whole life is crashing down. I just can't believe it. I can't stop crying, I miss him so much. Please help me, what do I do?!

If it would make you feel better how about calling local animal shelters or pounds and asking if they've picked up any cats and describe your cat to them. Also, why not go with a trusted adult like your Dad (never alone) and ask your neighbors if they've sighted your cat anywhere? And one more thing... we have a " local" channel here that runs news and ads on a loop 24/7. One of the things it provides is a Lost-and-Found section for lost and found animals. Maybe try placing an ad on there if you have anything like this? 

Yeah, my mom gave my cat's microchip number to all the pet shelters in our city, and we talked to our neighbours. I'm pretty sure he would've been back by now, though. Thank you for your advice, I will continue to look...

Anytime. I really hope your cat returns!! Keep me updated!

I just found this post and I feel so bad for you.  It made my tummy hurt to read about your lost kitty so I can hardly imagine how you feel.  

Please give us an update.


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