apartment dogs?

So ive been dieing to get a dog for a while now. Ive been browsing on rescue sites anf on craigslisy but havent had any luck finding one yet. Just wondering if anyone knows any breeds for apartment living. I would like a medium size dog but have always loved greay danes. Anyone have apartment living with dogs experience? Feel free to pm me !

I have no experience but I'd say chihuahua,poddles yorkshire terrier,and pugs maybe even for size.I live in condo and only see one dog around not sure of breed maybe call up shelter and ask them what they think.

Don't get a highly active dog like a Jack Russell terrier or Bordie Coollie. Here's a list of recommended dogs (just suggestions):

Most small dogs are barkers..just keep that in mind..I had a sheltie (its like a miniature lassie dog) in an apartment for a bit..but he was a bit high energy since they are usually used as sheep dogs. 

Sorry to get off topic but I have been looking all over for somewhere to post a new post. I have no idea so please help me. Help much appreciated.

I have a shih tzu, he's small but he is the perfect size for apartment living.  I wouldn't suggest anything bigger than a cocker spaniel.  Cockers are fantastic dogs too.  Back at home (my mom's house), we have a cocker who is 12 and she is and always has been the sweetest thing.

I think it depends on how much time you will have to spend with the dog, how close you are to a dog park, if your apartment have a courtyard for dogs, and/or if you can take your dog to doggy daycare. Many of the people that lived in my old apartment had meduim to large dogs, but they were all well exercized so being in the apartment wasn't that big of a deal.

I would recommend shih tzu, they're small and lovely. But need to put some efforts on taking care of them, they're quite demanding. lol.

I have a pug and we live in an apartment! He does very well in there! We trained him early not to bark while in the apartment so other than random occasions he doesn't bark and bother the neighbors! I also just leave him out to roam the apartment as he pleases when I am not home and he loves it! Just sleeps on the couch all day :-)

Cavelier King Charles Spaniel! They are adorable, and seem like great dogs. Also I'd avoid beagles because they howl a lot.


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