Dog or Cat?

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I like cats more than dogs, they are cleaner and take less maintenance, you need a cuddly one though, I don't want it to be all aloof!

I like both, but I love my dog more than I love any cat. German Shepard Alaskian husky mix... I don't know if its possible, but I'd post a picture if I could. I don't know how though if that is possible. 

I'm a cat person, I think younger cats ara cuter than older cats cause they can make me laugh louder LOL.

I've always liked dogs better. I love walking our dog, never heard of anyone being able to walk a cat lol.

I like cats better, but dogs are adorable too *u*
My favorite animal is a kangaroo

I have both, but cats are definately better. It depends on the breed, but mostly I think kittens are cuter.

I am more of a cat person but both are majorly adorable. I love owls and penguins also.

I have both but I like my dog most becuase he's a happier boy and always waves his tail when he sees me, the cat is a little grumpier


i love dogs they are more friendly :)

I love kittens so cute and cuddly. My cat will come on my bed a sleep by my head a purrr.

i prefer cats, i have two and they're lovely pets.

I like Cats :) beautiful cats :D

I have 2 cats 1 is fat the other is fit

I'm a dog person but my family decided to have cat you🐱

I'm a dog lover I have a west highland terrier there so hype but I love my dog

I love both but I prefer cats x

I am a dog person ^^?

? ?Both to be honest... I have 2 cats named Bella and Pumpkin, and they're soooo adorable!

I love cats. I have two pretty cats.

I'm the crazy cat lady 😸 but I also like dogs a lot! 🐩 so both 😊

I generally prefer dogs over cats but my dog recently peed all over the new leather sofa I bought from a furniture store ( ). Though he is a prankster and can be a pain sometimes he is my best friend and I would be very bored without him.?

I totally think older dogs are the best! I have a one year old cockapoo, and he is so much cuter than when he was a puppy! Also, take a look at Golden Retrievers. I mean, I know that they are like totally adorable when they are puppies but adults are just magesticly awesome!

i have 2 cats Oscar and Loki so I am a cat person

Cats are more cute i think, have one cat Yana, some big dogs are scary i think

I am a catlover

Dogs for sure!!

i love my one year rottweiler male puppy. kitten are too wimpy to play with?

@oneandonlyagian, +1 on that. I love kittens.

Cats for me <3 I've always liked them more than dogs and we have one cat at home, so easy for me to decide :)

I love dogs. 

I've had both and my preference has changed based on my situation. When I was younger and worked out of the home and went out a lot at night, I preferred cats. Now I work at home and much prefer dogs and by the way he have own bed. I love my Lucy.

I personally prefer a cat

I have both. Dog is a friend, he is always there, always with me and always happy when he sees me. Cats have usually a difficult character (obviously there are exceptions). I love both but I prefer my dog, because he is just more friendly.

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