Pets in the house.

I have three dogs and I love to play with them but my mom never lets them inside the house so it's kind of difficult to do so. I mean I do go outside and play with them everyday but only for a little bit because I can't stay outside forever, given the fact that I have other things to do inside the house. It just bothers me a little bit because I see other people, mostly my friends, who have dogs of their own and they have them inside so they're always interacting, or I don't really know how to put it. As a result they seem so close and their dogs are calm. Whenever my dogs see me they go crazy, jumping all over me and I know it's because they don't see me as much as I would want. So, how can I compromise with my mom to let them in at least for a little while? Or if I can't convince her at all, how can I become closer with my dogs given the circumstances? Thanks in advance! 

Honestly people who keep dogs outside make me mad hah but I know it isn't your choice or fault or anything. At least you give them attention everyday. Unfortunately I don't think there is really much you can do to convince your parents to let them in. I mean just make promises to clean them up and clean up after them etc. I'm guessing since they are outside dogs they also aren't potty trained, or know any other of the basic rules of the house which can be harder to teach once they are older. Mostly since they would probably be over excited to go inside they would be wanting to get on and get in everything.

I agree with Scuzz.

It's really old-school thinking to keep dogs outside the majority of time and certainly plenty of studies have shown how dangerous and downright cruel that can be.

There are predators even in big cities. A raccoon could seriously injure most dogs, especially small dogs. As could a skunk.

Have you asked your parents *why* they don't want the dogs in the house? If you find a specific concern it makes it easier to address that.

Are they afraid of what the dogs will do to the furniture at night if left indoors? If so, they can stay in your room at night.

Do they find the dogs too noisy at night? Again, why can't the dogs stay in your room? Or a basement? At least it's still inside.

You might want to do a bit of research on google on reasons why it's bad to leave your dog outside for long periods and show those to them as well. Maybe they don't know that that's really not how you treat a pet anymore.

personaly in my house we have 18 dogs... all inside dogs but they are also so crate trained so only a few at a time get house time.. which is nice they get to cuddle and play with us but its not overwelming

what i can tall you to help with your parents maybe bringing the dogs in is if you have a room that is unused or a kitchen or basement maybe say we will only play in that room or somehting because it wil make it so its not all crazy and if they make a mess you can clean it up easyer...


just sit down and talk with your parents and ask what reasons they have for keeping the dogs outside and if there is a way to work together to bring them in for play time.

Explain to your mother that you'd be interested in getting a dog bed(s). Have it in a particular spot say, in the lounge room where your dogs can lay on it, so that they can be around you and still be seeing what's going on. 

Make it a fixed thing, that if your dog comes inside, they're to lay on that bed. No running around or going crazy.

My dad didn't want to let my dog inside, because everything was covered in hair and there was a specific smell, despite the fact that we shower the dog. Eventually my dog got sick last winter and my dad felt bad. From now on Eris stays inside in winter time. 


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