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I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Bellatrix, Bella or Bells for short.

I have an orange and white long haired male cat named Odysious, a tan short haired male cat named Tyson, and a black short haired female named Huntress. I listed them oldest to youngest. Huntress is my cat because I got her for my birthday when she was a kitten.

I have four dogs now, but the one I truly love is Bella HAHA. I mean she's my own dog, the other two of the dogs are my grandma's and one is... ours? Their names are Choco, Piko, and Browny. I've had Bella for two years, and Browny for 8 years. She is very old but I love her too. She's a very loyal dog!!!


Bella was supposed to be pregnant but she didn't get pregnant :( Tho I've already prepared 7 puppies' names T.T Lovey, Dovey, Happy, Smile, Strawberry, Callista, and Marshmallow.... How sad.

Boyfriend and I just got our 9 week old Bluetick Coonhound yesterday. His name is Ruger. (:

I have a Jack Russel who's full name is Langston Hughes Davis. I love this dog he's my first dog(He's laying on the floor asleep while im typing this) .He so cute and i swear he can understand me when i tell him something. Anybody get this feeling from their pet? Anyway he has a all white body except that his ears and most of his face is a light brown color and he has a stubby tail and doesn't barks. He's a friendly dog and omg when i bathe him he seems to like know and when i pick him up he starts dog paddling it is sooooo freakin cute. I love him to bits and pieces gurls.:smileyhappy:

i know this is old, but i wanted to share.


my cat's name is Ninja, he's a 2 year old black domestic shorthair. He is the craziest cat i've seen lol. love him more than i love my life.


i have a dog, too. his name is connor. he's a 6 year old parti cocker spaniel. vicious little thing ha

I've got a wonderful tabby cat (She's sort of like a rabbit-sandy colored w/spots) named Rosie!I got Her right before I turned eight(I'm fourteen now),so She's about six now.I WUV MY WITTLE ROSIE ROO ROO CAT!! :)

I. Have onE guineapog called bob . He's black . 

Ive got two Syrian hamsters called Ryder and ash . 

Live also got a pair of roborovski hamsters called boo and Jellie 

And theres my dog called scrappy-doo and the family dog called nina .

I have a very cute ginger and white cat, and her name is Fizz!

I have a dog, named Angel

I have two precious guinea pigs :) A white one with a bit of black and brown on the eye and a grey stripe on half the butt whose name is Cotton and one with black, brown, and white patches named Cookie <3

I have two dogs ;p 

One is a Labrador/Collie mix and her name is Lily.

I'm not sure what breed the second one is because she was a stray so I got her off the streets. But yeah her name is Pecas (it means freckles in Spanish because she has brown spots of fur all over her feet haha). 


I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Megorah, a family gold fish named Godzilla, and my betta fish named Quentin!!!

We've had this dog for a little while and we honestly don't have a name for her, so everyone just calls her whatever they want and she's highly responsive, so it works.

I have a pembroke welsh corgi named lucky and a cat named Sebastion

I have a 6 year old black lab named Lady, she still acts like a puppy though but she has major depression issues that started when we put my other dog down about 3 years ago.  Also I have a 13 year old cat named Duchiss, i'm not sure what kind she is but she is white and orange.

I have a black cat that is a siamese mix and her name is Persephone. She is 2 years old.

We name our pets after the Archie Comics, haha.

Archie - an eight month yellow lab/husky mix
Reggie - an 11 year old short hair tabby
Veronica "Ronnie" - a one year five month orange tabby, medium hair.

I have 2 pets. One is a black German Shepard/Labrador with a white stripe on his belly. His name is Raiden (god of thunder or also known from Mortal Kombat). My other pet I just got today. He is a 9 week old kitten. White with dark grey spots, his name is Anakin (from Star Wars). I love them both! :)

3 ducks- dacota,danyil,carmel 
1 bull- harley
1 dog - pooh
2 horses - stewie,buzzer
 over 15 chickens 
12 rabbits - spice,t-rex,Manley,sweet,rocky road,mickey,minnie,sophia,spirit bear,rainy,stormy,and brownie
10 or 11 goats - rambo, penguin,love,june,princess,snow white,nikkie,sallory,kate,skittles and some others i think
 12 single pm me sometime luv to chat

3 cats, my main is a long haired marmalade named dodger my mom and i share one, scarlett, a calico and my moms but in the same household is leo a long hair tuxedo

3 Toy Fox Terriers And 2 cats.

Dogs: Mugsy, Daisy and Buster. 2 Males/1 Girl.
Cats: Karla, Piper. 1Girl/1Male.

I have a 2 years old cat called Schon and he's the most handsome cat I've ever seen <3

I have an alley cat named Chan Chan. 

I have a yellow labrador called Bundy (short for Bundaberg Rum- inside joke) she's 8 and I have a chocolate labrador called Bonnie who is about 1 year old 

I have three cats - Cookie, Rodny and Harry. They're super cute!

I got Cookie and Rodny about 2 years ago I think, from a shelter. A couple of months ago, maybe 3 or 4, we got Harry (from the same shelter).

Love all of them!

My fiance and I have three cats. Two males and One female. The males are Venom and Pudge and the female is Snowflake(Snowee). Venom and Pudge not sure what breeds they are but Snowee is a Persian.

I have one cat named Kikka,she is really cute and funny!
Also I and my Bff help a kitten near her house named Lucy,but we must change the  name because its a BOY !LOL

I have a pet sparrow named Locksley.

My older sister and I rescued the bird when it fell out of the was only about a week old.  We thought it was just an unusually small robin, so we named her "Robin of Locksley"...she turned out to be a sparrow, so we just call her Locksley ; )

I have two black lab mixes. One is mini Aussie, named obi, one we don't know, named George Lucas. We have two rats named Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We have a temporary foster named Geo.

My dogs name is Watson, Cats name is Pumpkin and the 2 birds we have are Birdy and Juno :)

I just got an eight-week-old tortoishell kitten that we named Kreacher.

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