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this is for everyone. what kind of pets do you have and what are their names? i have 2 black cats one is named Slash and the other is named Griffin.MISCHEIF. MAYHEM. SOAP.
aww do u  have a pic of ur cats? i have a dog ( golden retriever) named Cooper. and a kitty ( silver tiger tabby) named Sassy.
I have three dogs (Casey, Pebbles, Bam Bam), seven cats (Sweet Pea, Cutie, Buh-Buh, Oreo, Janet, Clayton, Ruben), one hamster (Mickie Jr.), and one betta fish (James Jr.). :D I love animals."Are you ready to RISE TODAY?" Myles Kennedy at Big Day Out, July 27 2008 The wind is blowing coldHave we lost our way tonight?Have we lost our hope to sorrow?Feels like we're all aloneRunning further from what's rightAnd there are no more heroes to followSo what are we becoming?Where did we go wrong?[Chorus:]Yeah, oh yeahI want to rise todayAnd change this worldYeah, oh yeahOh, won't you rise todayAnd change this world?The sun is beating downAre we ever gonna changeCan we stop the blood from running?Our time is running outHope we find a better wayBefore we find we're left with nothingFor every life that's takenSo much love is wasted[Chorus:]Yeah, oh yeahI want to rise todayAnd change this worldYeah, oh yeahSo won't you rise todayAnd changeThis worldOnly love can set it rightThis worldIf only peace would never dieIt seems to me that we've got each other wrongWas the enemy just your brother all along?[Chorus:]Yeah, oh yeahI want to rise todayAnd change this worldYeah, oh yeahOh won't you rise todayAnd change this world?Yeah, oh yeahI want to rise todayAnd change this worldYeah, oh yeahI want to rise todayAnd change this world I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger. If you're good at something, never do it for free. The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. like gravity. All it takes is a little...push.  
German Shepherd- named Jackee Black Lab- named Nalah [after the lion king which is what i was watching before we got her and i was in like 3rd grade lmao] Xo You are My Sunshine Xo My only Sunshine All Girl Catholic School Student :/ *Just because I'm young, doesn't mean I lack common sense* Edited 8/14/2008 9:28 am ET by xoyouaremysunshinexo
I have a coker spainel and her name is sophieI AM YOUR GIRL  WHENEVER I AM AROUND PEOPLE I GET THIS FEELING.    I AM IN LOVE I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK. I AM A GIRLY GIRL   Don't mess with me when I am mad lol and I can be your little angel if i want  what you think of me?  well I am special in my own way.                                check out myspace at you could add me if you like to have more friends when is there a time that you see me smile without faking it?? do you really I feel like  I am faking everything.   What is like to be happy cause I wish I could feel that.     when you find your love  you wish the moment never does end!! love me don't hate me
i have a mini short haired dashund(idk if i spelled it right).her name is miss precious cassie van schlegel. i have a husky with the prettiest blue eyes. his name is pepe le pew. i have a siamese(idk how to spell it) mix kitty. his names jack the ripper.(hes the biggest, softest puff ball you will ever meet though) my family is big on the weird names. im kristina im 14 music is what keeps me here sometimes i just feel so unloved i think i LOVE him he doesn't know i exist i have trust issues and even though im very outgoing im also very reserved i dont tell my friends or family half the stuff i tell you gurls thats all
aw, i have two cats. (: williker & isabella/isabel [willy &+ izzy] he's a maine-coon they can grow like up to be 40 pounds, he's small but some are huge, they are gorgeous. that's willy ftw. :) 
I have a female Manx cat named Whiskers and a Australian Cattle Dog named Galileo.
i have a mutt cat, he's black, named Evan. i have a cat that looks like a moggie, but the breeder claims he's saimese (shrug), named Sam. and i'm getting a papipoo puppy (papillon & poodle mix) which will be named either Scout or Faethe. oh i also have a goldfish of epic porportions named Polly I am an opinionated smart full figured pro-choice tattooedfree thinker it's ok; you can be jealous  Edited 12/11/2008 3:06 am ET by darknight0dc
i LOVE the name of your daschund.I am an opinionated smart full figured pro-choice tattooedfree thinker it's ok; you can be jealous 
I have a pure breed Shih Tzu named Matrix (I did not name him lol)   If Abercrombie decided that breathing wasn't "cool," half of the teenage population would die within the next 24 hours. Put this in your sig if you agree. I think All body types are beautiful because I am  entitled to my OWN OPINION! That means that I think  Every one is beautiful! If you're tired of the skinny vs. Curvy war and are mature enough to realize that EVERYBODY is different and unique and unique is sexier then any opinion, paste this in your signature! Karolyn
I have four dogs. X)We have three dachshunds namedPeeweePia (stands for Pain In the Arse.. my dad named her. XD)OzzyAnd one sheltie, Holly.. my own dog.We have two cats that stay outside, they were strays.. so we take care of them.MorgenGizmoAnd I'm getting two rats for Christmas. -dances-I'm leaning towardYoshi and something else.. I can't decide.VOILA! :{DSincerely, Chelsea Chelsea loves Derek!
I have four cats. Trigger,  Bullet.Miss Callie, and Jingle.  (Got Jingle for christimas from my husband)  Nik married.mommy to 2 princes.pregnant with #3Praying for PINK  
I have 4 dogs and a cat. Their names are Milo, King, Hogie, Kylee and the cat is Duke.Things you need to know about me I am 21! I got married Dec 20th 2008! I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. We have been together 4 years. I live by the beach
Oh sorry I forgot the hamster his name is Phil.Things you need to know about me I am 21! I got married Dec 20th 2008! I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. We have been together 4 years. I live by the beach
hey we both have the same name lol anyway i have one cat and his name is;    Prince Maximus Goober Edward Ashton, Prince of the Vampire Underworld.    yeah i know its long lolCHELSEA LOVES YOU!!!
lmao where to start 2 horses: Murdoc and Nickolas (Haflingers) 1 Pony: Hobo! heheheee! 3 Cats: Christina, Lena and Calico :P 4 dogs: Shania (west hiland terrier), Enya and Gabriel(yorkie-poos) and Bette (Arctic German shes white) 1 Goat hahaa: Carmel..named it when i was like 6 we named me dogs after singers!! lmao! fish, chickens and a peacock with no names:P! ya i live on a farm!! yay lots of animal!Iam Carley iam a telented singer, snowboarer and artist :) iam in love with Danny Pacheco. hes amazing. my one and only! my guitar player! we have been dating for 1 year and 5 months :) Iam arts minister on student council at my school i love to give advice! and i love meeting new people.   Me ad Danny in sept 2007  
I have a German Shepard mix named Cocoa. A chihauhau (foster) named Sugar. A calico cat, Angel, and a black cat, Jake. A lizard, Bubba and a gerbil, Sparrow.S a m m i ! I'm fifteen years young. WHS, true blue devil <3 Volleyball is  my anti-drug. I love my friends and music.  I'm currently single,  very open-minded, a vegetarian, an almost ex-cutter, virgin, and pro-life. And I like vampires. (: "i'll never try to fit in, i was born to stand out"      Obama!                              
I have a hamster,3 cats and a puppy.My hamster name is Bubbles.My puppies name is Teddy Bear or Teddy.My cats names are Peaches,Princess and I can't think of a name for my last one but he's my only boy.Erika
Me and my boyfriend have two cats. Both domestic short hair. One is a girl named Hopscotch (boyfriend named her that just cause it sounded cute). She's black with brown spots and green eyes. The boy is a black cat with yellow eyes and his name is Sunny Nights. Just cause it's cool. Melody Loves Corey (5/12/05) ♥
I have 6 dogsWestie: Wrigley 2 yrs.Dachshund: Moe 4 yrs.Beagle: Mr. Bojangles 7 yrs.Shih Tzu: Sadie May 6 monthsShih Tzu: Snoopy 1.5 yrs.Shih Tzu: Shorty 5 yrs.1 catMaine Coon: Tigger 6 months1 Parakeet: Auburn 7 or 8 months1 Beta Fish: Gatorand including my boyfriend's pets6 huskiesXennaBaltoChanceSparkyDiamondFoxy3 pure bred timber wolvesHarleyPrincessCocoWe're Pretty Cute for Two Ugly People ♥He's the love of my life, we've been through anything and everything, from almost losing each other to the long nights of crying over the phone. He's the only guy to stick with me and all my problems. He yells at me when I need it, he holds me when I cry, he kisses all the pain away. He's the biggest #### I've ever met and I can match smart ass comment for smart ass comment! We do anything and everything for each other. He's my world, my heart and my soul. He makes life worth living, he's become that one part of me no matter what happens to "us" he'll always be the one.&heart;01-09-07♥ i'm 19 i'm NOT a virgin i love animals i love my family i'm an artist i'm VERY loyal i'm very stubborn i'm a southren girl at heart i'm an anime junkie i'm obessed with wolves i'm one of a kind i'm in love with music i'm a failure at life i'm a dog groomerMy baby Mr. Bojangles
1 dog-Charlie1 cat-Samantha but we call her Sammy The name is: j e s s i c a ;; that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Jessica. 15. Shy. Insecure. Sarcastic. Good student. Loves books. Very open-minded. Excruciatingly klutzy. Will go to medical school someday. Has an ongoing list of things I want to do before I die. Scared of the future. Cannot wait until high school is over. Cannot wait for college. Medically diagnosed with an eating disorder, not in recovery. Counting down the months until the magical plastic thing with my picture shows up and says I can drive. Needs to get a job ASAP. Talent: making things extremely awkward. Want to know more? Ask :)   
Dog: LolaCat: JudithHamster: MitzeeMine for eternity: About Me Kelly. 19. 5'8 / 125lbs. Love my facial piercings. One tattoo so far / Ask! Music Type O (11/26/07). Gigantour (4/19/08). Cruefest (7/18/08). Mayhem Fest (8/13/08). Misc Pro-Death Penalty. Pro-Gay Marriage. A definite homebody. Don't want children. Period. Twilight hater. Joker nerd. LOST fan. 3 pets / Ask! Despise stereotyping. Photogenic, not pretty. Overly clumsy! Truthful person / Hate liars. Mind speaker. Comfort eater. Easy to annoy. Anything else, ask! MSN: / AIM: Killer Queen589 Ugly Proof Picture My stickam
I have two cats. Cher and Cody :-) ______________________________________________________   Name: Kayla. Age: 16. Single/Taken?: Taken <3 Virgin & Proud...Yet I Would Love To Lose It To My Boyfried Who Is Long Distance.   My First Tattoo!
ii havee two female short haired guinea pigs. the brown one's called Fudge,Fudgems or Fudgey (as ii like to call her XD) + aa white one called Snowy (orignally called Snowflake but yanoee, it's too long :) x
I've got a pug named Harley. He's pretty sweet.-.Katey; -MissHappilyNeverAfter Xx.KeepingTheBackstreetPrideAlive   The Best Day Of My Life 02/09/08 Xx.MusicIsMyLife  The Backstreet Boys, Soul Decision, Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, George, Panic! At The Disco, Three Days Grace, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, Faber Drive, Marianas Trench, Daughtry, Enrique Iglesias, Mariah Carey, Brooke Hogan, Aaron Carter, Econoline Crush, Seether, Saving Jane, Paramore, Hawk Nelson, Ten Second Epic, Christina Aguleria, Boys Like Girls, The Trews, The OtherHalf, The Fray, Die Mannequin, Justin Nozuka, State Of Shock, PCD, Default, Girlicious, Forever The Sickest Kids, Drake Bell hXx.Nothing's Forever In This Crazy World... Xx.Www.MySpace.Com/PosterGirlBSB179.xX Xx.I Suffer From Depression And OCD And I'm A Cutter Trying To Quit .xX I try to live each and every day for my Father and saviour, Jesus Christ. I'm a Christian and being one is the biggest thing in my life. "love yourself, its the hardest challenge in life, but I promise its the best thing youll ever invest time into"  -Kookoo_crazy   Every Abortion Is Just . . .One more heart that was stopped.Two more eyes that will never see.Two more hands that will never touch.Two more legs that will never run.One more mouth that will never speak. But I think...That's one less heart that will suffer.Two less eyes that'll cry because their parents can't or don't care.Two less legs that'll run from their home because they don't feel safe.One less mouth that'll ask questions about why their parents can't love them.& so this is MY opinion. Yours might differ.   Xx.Approximatley 1% of the population uses physical self-injury as a way of dealing with over-whelming feelings or situations, If you were/are a part of that 1% post this into your signature XxI Don't Have Depression...Depression Has Me
i beee zeee cat lady ok here goes cats: april, abby, sox, amie, hairy, and lady dog: sierra lizard: lizzee turtle: sam (for samantha) fish (beta): veta (from "my girl") live, laugh, love, lie. crystal is: cool 13 sweet emo crazy fun different loving a cristian odd a very proud virgin me. her. that girl. that chick in the corner. i am crystal, i am the only me there is sooo lets hope i dont screw it up as usual.
I had a dog called Jack. We gave him away this morning.   I'm Luisa. I'm 20 years old. I live in Ireland. I have listed my favourite things in my room on Gurl. I have a myspace page which is I don't mind who adds me to myspace page. I like making new friends and I love getting to know new people. I will talk anyone regardless of their race, religion or the country that they are from.  I like trying to help people with their problems and issues. I always try to be nice to everyone even if they are not nice to me. I know my signature is not great and it's not that I am too lazy to make a good signature it's just that I really have no idea how to make a good signature.  
i 2 cats named Blacky and Sammy. i have 4 rats named Stinker, Angel, Prada, Jennie. i have 1 dog named SadieConner & Katherine 1/9/09 He's my world and I'm going to marry him some day. We met 4 years ago on Myspace. He messaged me first and we just clicked. We talked to eachother everyday. And one day we were talking on the phone and he asked me out.  We really wanted to meet, but he lived 2 hours away at the time. So we broke up just because we couldn't see eachother. But we still talked and kept in touch. Then this fall we started talking more and we realized there was still something there. He lives an hour away now, so he drove here to meet me. That was the greatest day. We started dating 1/9/2009. If you want to talk to me add me... Aim: kakerine20 (tell me your from gurl) My Myspace
I have 2 little boy cats they are my kids. 1 is a bombay so totally black named Jay Jaysph Moon Madden  (Daddy's Little Boy) The other is a mixed with an extra toe on both his front paws named Mickey "6 Toes" Madden (Mama's Boy) WE DID IT WE GOT MARRIED! 3-24-09 LAS VEGAS!   #1 Minnesota SWARM Lacrosse fan!  Proud Spice Girl fan!                     "If every word I said could make you laugh I'd talk forever."
I have 2 pupsMickey [neighbors, now MY dog] hes a 9-10year old purebread chihuahua. Kiki - my 4year old lab mix.
lol all of the pets i've had had names lik icee or isis , fire , smoke , star , moon and weird names like thatIM KAREBEAR IF YOU'LL GET TO KNOW ME I'M KOOLER DEN UR A.C LOL YUP BASICALLY THAT ALL YOU'LL REALLY EVERY NOTICE ABOUT ME. I HAVE A WONDERFULL BF NAMED JEREMY AND WE ROCK ON!!!!!!!!
a dog ((mutt)) named aly.c0ckatiel named tikirabbit named thumper bestfriends The name is Lauren 15 years Single hoping to become a vegetarian! Sports-Ice hockey goalie, xcountry runner, and softball player.:D pro gay marraige pro-choice pro stem cell research In love with the Beetles blog ^^add me aim=mickeybear221. tell me you are from gurl.
I have a blue healer Named 'Oz' after, Ozzy Osbourne. xD but we call him Boof. jessi. | fifteen. | non-virgin. | single. | athiest. | pro-life.I'm tired of people saying 'Your only fifteen'And my shoes match my hoodie.polyvore
I've got 2 kitties. Well, one is 4-5 years old. The other one actually is a kitty, lol. The old one: Saphire(or Silver, as my friends call her) The young one: Jelly Bean(or Fidget/Jelly as my friends call her) -- SaraSunshinee RIP: Shannon Marie<3 6.16.05. I miss you, mom
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