Manolo Jimenez: If he was going to do something crazy then he could have taken the gun


AEK coach Manolo Jimenez explained his shock at seeing PAOK president Ivan Savvidis went on to the pitch and began sbo222 to threaten the referee with a gun attached to his belt.The Spaniard said that initially he did not realise that Savvidis had the weapon and it led him to reflect on what could have happened if he had used it.The chaos resulted when fans of PAOK ran onto the pitch after a late goal was ruled out."PAOK scored an offside goal that was ruled out by the referee and the players began to protest for about four or five minutes," said Jimenez."Then a man went onto the pitch with bodyguards, sbo222 everyone says it was the president of PAOK, and he went towards the referee and then our bench and was threatening everyone."We did not worry to begin with but afterwards when you see the gun you think 'if he was going to do something crazy he could have taken it out."To begin with we did not know he had the gun on his belt but that is also not the most important thing as maybe he is authorised to have it, sbo222 what is not normal is for a president to go onto the pitch and threaten the referee."?


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