Okay so a couple weeks ago a friends friend asked me to take care of his 2 cats who are brother and sister ?for just 3 days and during that time I was feeding my kitten on the table and the male cat decided to jump and he was just sitting there so I left for 10 seconds and I heard they were fighting the male kept attacking my kitten she was so freaked out and scared but now she is so paranoid and can't even be in the house without thinking the cats gunna pop out but we keep them in separate ?rooms. The guy took the cats then called me a week later saying he can't keep them so we took them in but my kitten was stressed out so I let the male out side because we mainly wanted the female she's gorgeous but now everytime the kitten sees the cat she instantly hisses, growls and freaks out. I don't know if it's because the cats have the same odor and she think that's the cat that attacked her but I don't know what to do I've tried the whole introduction proces and it didn't work when my kitten first met her she was so curious and wanted to play but now she hates her. They are both not spayed they are gunna be fixed in a couple weeks.?


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