Where have you been?

Hello, girls!?Let's discuss where you have been, where you want to go, how you prepare, and any tips. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to travel.

I've already been in France, UK and Spain. I'm fond of travelling. This year I'm going to visit Portugal! I've already booked the first class tickets at https://www.iflyfirstclass.com/country/to-portugal to Lisbon for me and my friend. We're going to stay there two weeks.

I spent 2 months in Hawaii with my family. We rented a condo from an elderly man here in Oregon and we got the most amazing deal! We were a block from Waikiki Beach ans 14 storeys high with a lanai facing the ocean.?
I always plan vacations long in advance because they're my favorite things to do. But I hadn't travelled by plane before so I learned at the last minute that I couldn't take a lot of stuff on board. No liquids over 3 ounces (goodbye toiletries!) and they charged us an arm and a leg for carry-on luggage. My advice is to cram everything into one checked bag and just carry a purse on the plane. It's cheaper and easier in the long run. And print your own tickets and have them ready at the gate. This'll save time and money (they have fines and fees for EVERYTHING!)?
Travel light and buy your essentials when you get there.?
Aside from that, planning is nice but leave a little room to be spontaneous! That's half the fun!

I just returned from my trip to Eastern Europe. I spent a week in Kiev, Ukraine, it's one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe.I found Home Hotel Appartments on Zoloti Vorota near the city center and I had great opportunity to visit all historical places and cathedrals in Kiev. It was a nice trip, maybe one day I'll come back to Kiev again.

I always travel with my dad for his job and (aside form the U.S.) we've been in Germany, France and now Japan. We've been living here for a while now but we'll move again when he has to travel elsewhere.


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