Do you prefer traveling by car or by plane?

Which one do you like mostly....

Each person has different needs and requirements, which may vary by trip and each method of travel offers its own pros and con. ?I prefer plane travelling. It is much faster, more efficient and safe. + I have already my fav booking tickets service, . They have the lowest prices on business and first class tickets. It's like my personal travel concierge :)

Depending on the situation, long distances are always better by plane, if there's an emergency a plane is way faster.

For shorter distances, a car is always more fun, you can spend a good time with the family, you can enjoy the landscapes, take pics, stop in small towns and eat yummy food, etc.

Car. You can always stop and take pictures, eat somewhere etc.
I'm also scared of heights sooooo yeah lol no plane unless it's very far.

Id like the greyhound a lot.

I like to travel by car because I enjoy taking in all the scenery at a leisurely pace. But I absolutely LOVE flying! It's not just a form of transportation, it's an experience in itself! Being able to see the world from above is a privelege and the most beautiful thing I can imagine.

Definitely, by car :) You can just get in and drive wherever you want to! And it comes handy when you have dogs/kids :) Also you are not bounded by anything like plane tickets on holidays, you can come back if you want or go somewhere else. Of course, car might break or something but it is still primary option.?


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