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Hi, I'm an 18 year-old girl from Poland and I'm new to this site. I want to ask for some advice. I'm in this skype group where I've met lots of fantastic people in all ages. I've been talking to a guy from UK I met there and we really get on. There's this idea that we have,but I'm still not decided.I want to visit him. I've always wanted to go to UK someday anyway and now I've got a great opportunity. He'd let me stay at his house so I won't have to worry about accomodation costs. I was once being silly and just searching for flights on random dates and I found a really cheap one in June. I will be on my summer vacation then so school is not a problem. The only problem is that I've never flown. Also I think my mum won't let me go, because she's always scared of things like that (she's never flown either) . The friend I want to visit is also older, so I'm afraid this might be another reason why my mum won't let me go. Please tell me how to solve this and if I should even go in the first place. Thank you in advance!

Hiiiii (-: I'm new here too, and not?too sure?how keen you are about taking advice from someone younger than you, but i have been in the position you are! First of all, your story is so sweet, and those kinds of friendships are the best, just so exciting. I'm from the States, living in California, and have had an older male?friend who lives in Florida for awhile now, (lets call him Jack). Last year i believe, he invited me out to Florida for a few weeks. I was so thrilled! Even as thrilled as i was, i was terrified to tell my mom... After a few weeks of dancing on the topic in my head, i finally told her about the trip. She had known about Jack for about a year prior, but was still pretty wiery about it... while video chatting jack one day, i got the idea to have them meet via FaceTime! It gave them the opportunity to chat and actually meet each other, which i think put her at ease, now having actually met him. With that being said, she said i could go! Sadly, i wasn't able to go (stupid school needs) but the moral of my story is, why dont you have them meet, via video chat or text? Like i said before, it gives them the ability to chat and get to know each other. You should also probably assure your mom that you will give her addresses, phone numbers, allowing her to be able to know exactly where you are and how to contact you! Oh, i do hope you're able to go and?hope i didn't see this post too late. Good luck, hun!!!!


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