Suggestions on Garden Benches

I am very passionate about gardening and I own a pretty big garden. But from long I had been planning of buying new garden benches for my garden. I do have garden chairs. I prefer aesthetically beautiful, long lasting comfortable benches. Found quite few designs but pretty confused which one to choose. Thinking of going with the one I saw at the wicker emporium, a wooden home decor fredericton (=13.3333px Need suggestions on best ones in the market.?

You'll need to get someone to help you move it from your car and into place, and concrete benches that look like carved stone will last decades and they grow more beautiful with time. My favorite are the gently curved ones, with a seat slab and two uprights with tongue-in-groove fit to the seat slab. Beware though. The seat slabs can easily weigh 50 kg.


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