Staying at a hotel and under 21

So my friend and I are going to a sprint car race, it is on a friday night and then saturday, and we do not live very close. We want to stay at a hotel friday into saturday so that we do not have to drive all the way home then all the way back. The issue is that she is 19 and I am 16 and at almost all the hotels that are close you have to be 21 to check in. Is there a way to get around this? Our parents cannot come because they have to work. I have seen some people say that if you look mature then the hotel will not ask for ID, but my friend and I both look young for our ages. Is this something that we just will not be able to do?

It depends... often hotels will ask for ID on check in, but not always. Many have 18+ or 21+ to check in. I would first check the particular hotel's website and see if there are any details on it.

Also, are your parents aware that you're going? If so they probably could call the hotel, explain the situation, and be able to vouch for you (especially if they use their card, so say if the room got trashed, they would be the one paying for it). That's probably the best thing to do to avoid being turned away at the counter night of!

Do you have another older family or friend that can take you guys?


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