What language do you wish you could learn very fluently?

Other than English, what language(s) do you wish you could learn fluently?
I've never had interest in learning other languages growing up. At my school we were required to take one full year of a foreign language and unfortunately our only two choices were Spanish and French. I chose French but had no intentions of paying attention so learned basically nothing because it's really pointless, lol. As I've grown up though and realized my bucket list includes a foreign country (Germany) and have listened to a lot of their music I've be on extremely interested in the German language. I understand it better than I can speak/write it and only have basic knowledge of it but over time I would like to expand my knowledge a lot more.


I really want to learn Icelandic, French, and Estonian.?

I'm sure there's other I'd like to learn, but those are the first few off the top of my head.

I would love to speak Italian but i have a english accent so it would sound very weird!

French is sooooo hard, WB! I guess any language is, really.?

I think it would sound neat, H.

I would love to improve my French skills like I did with English.
I would also like to learn Spanish and Italian because I am from Romania and they are really similar and easy to learn for us (esp. Italian).
Learning Korean is also something that I would like to do, but it's pretty hard without someone to teach you.


I took it in high school and yeah, it was pretty difficult. I could write it alright, but actually speaking it was hell for me. My teacher really meant it when she told us you couldn't have a "lazy mouth". It was really fun, though, I loved it.

Russian and German.

Would love to move to Zurich, Berlin or St Petersberg <3

Swedish, Greek, Italian, Faroese and many more. And to improve my current ones.?

What's Faroese? 😳

Faroese is a Scandinavian language, close to Danish. It is spoken on the Faroese Islands which are also close to Denmark, by 100.000 people or so, and it is the closest to the variation of the language the vikings spoke :) I find it so pretty and exotic :)?

Ah, interesting!?

Oh yes, I find languages fascinating :3?

I speak English, Italian, and Spanish fluently or near-fluently, but I have to use them with some frequency to keep them fresh in my mind. I speak some French, Greek, Arabic, and Japanese, but not any of them well, and I intend to improve my ability with all of them over time.

Good luck with your German. Unlike French, you really want it, so that improves your chances greatly of mastering it over time.

Now I learn Spanish. I think the best way to speak foreign language fluetly is to communicate with the native speakers. Next year I'm going to enter the Uni in Madrid, I've already started to translate all required docs here and I go on a private language classes with a native speaker. The tutor says my spanish is pretty good now.?

French and Spanish for me.

i wish i knew Japanese then i watch anime in original language

Definitely Russian for me, I've always been a little obsessed with it haha but I would also love to learn Arabic, Spanish, Gaelic, lol I love too many languages to list them all, mostly I want to learn everything, and beef up the my French and Hebrew skills

French - ever since I watched 'blue is the warmest colour'

Japanese and Chinese

It may be a dead language, but definitely Latin!

French and Japanese. Latin is a good option too but it's really hard to find a school or someone who teaches it.

Im the same as bordergirl ^^ Id love to be able to speak French and Japanese. French because it sounds amazing and Japanese because I love all things Japanese :)

I ?can speak near fluent Irish and my French is good I guess. I'd love to perfect it and learn Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Mandarin, which is a lot but I like languages so :)

Anyone studying German?I have recently moved to Germany. I am trying my best to get the language down quickly.

I would like to be fluent in multiple languages but realistically speaking I'd like to be fluent speaker of Japanese, Korean and French. Now I speak Finnish as native, nothing else as fluent yet.


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