Need pen pal for French, Spanish or Mandarin

Hey! i'm 14. Anyone want a pen pal? It would be great if you speak or are learning French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.
I would love to converse with you and give as well as get help with learning these languages. I have been learning Spanish for over a year so i am fairly good. French is a language i learn in school and have been for about 3 years but it goes slowly and i am not as confident in that language.
Mandarin, i only started this year, so i am quite a beginner in this language but would love to continue it!
My favourite language is Spanish!!!
Can't wait to meet someone!
Please send me an email from this site if you are interested. Thanks :D

Oh my gosh, I'm currently learning Mandarin too! I've been learning it for about a year, so by the time I graduate high school, it will be about 3 and a half years.

Hi there!
I actually want to improve my French too. I have been learning this language in school for 4 years now and I like it so much.
I am not that confident when it comes to my French skills either but I would love to improve them with someone.

hey, i am learning french and spanish and would love to speak with you sometime. message me!!


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