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While I was in college for a semester in Minnesota, a bunch of friends and I were discussing different sayings and slang we use from our states/hometowns. For example, I brought up the phrase "sun shower" that describes when it's raining and the sun is out. It isn't a common phrase from the part of Texas I'm from. Instead, we say "the devil whipping his wife."?

It was really interesting to hear all those weird sayings. Anyone else have strange phrases from their hometown?

Yep, totally. I am from Romania so we have A LOT of weird sayings.
For example when you go to someone who you are not that close with without brigging a present we say: "am venit cu mana in fund" wich can be translated as "we came with our hands in our asses".
You can see more here:
I already knew them but I laughed soooo hard. They are absolutely hilarious.

"Pintar venado" in Spanish literally means to paint the deer, but it's an expression that means to skip school, where I come from. If you think about it, "to play hooky" in English doesn't make much literal sense either, just an odd expression.


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