What is it like living in US?

I'm writing a book and I was just wondering what it is like living in any one of these states:
North Dakota
South Dakota

I don't even live in the US, so even if you don't live in any of these states you could give me an overview like the grading system etc.
I f you do live in any of these states could you tell me about:
What the people are like?
The malls or recreational places
Approximate price of a meal in a restaurant you go to
What the schools and people are like
How big are the common houses or apartments?
Maybe a phrase or accent used?

Anything really. The more you tell me, the more it helps (:
Thank you.

I'm originally from Texas but moved to Iowa for school. I'll answer your questions, from southern and midwestern perspectives. 
1. Everyone is nice, in both places. Though some of the midwesterns I've met are more excepting compared to southerners.
2. Malls are crowded, and usually the same where ever you go... People rushing.
3. Well fast food is normally 5 to 7 dollars per meal. A normal resteraunt will be about 7 to 10 dollars and if its nice normally 10 and up.
4. Schools are not like televison says, we dont hang out in the hallways. Most school days are split up into 8 periods with 5-8 minutes to get from class to class, with a short lunch break.
5. Apartments are normally two bedrooms and one bath. Most houses are two+ bedrooms and two baths. Southern states have more spread out houses on one level. In the midwest there is usually a basement and sometime an attic.
6. Ok Ya'll is a southern thing, we call ALL sodas "Coke", and shopping carts are "Buggies". In the midwest they say Pop for sodas, Minnesota says "Dont Cha Know"
Grading levels are different based by state, in Texas a 75 % or higher is passing, But in college we do a letter system. 


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