Looking for e-pal discussing feelings etc!

I'm looking for an e-pal from anywhere in the world really. I live in Sweden in Europe. I would like someone who is fine talking about most things, about chill stuff like fun things that has happened recently, but also about feelings and thoughts... kind of more "deep" things, if you know what I mean (someone who feel like they can write if there's anything on their mind that's bothering them and that the other one will listen, and vice versa).

Oh by the way, I'm 17 years old. I would like someone who is about the same age as me, but the age isn't that important - it's more about what's on the inside. I'm really looking for someone to become friends with and share thoughts and feelings with.

Please email me at mandabunnies@outlook.com if you want to be my e-pal. Looking forward to hearing from you!


You should message me! This sounds fun!

I'm 19 and from England. You an message me if you want? :)
Frogs X

hey message me if you want to talk, im 16 and from Canada :)

I'm 17, I'm from Texas :D 

Hey im new to this but i would love to be able to talk to you (:
message me if you would like to:D (age 14, but birthday this month. WHOOT! WHOOT! ^-^ )

btw, i am free to talk to anyone lol

Anyone can message me! Jess. Love nature, pintresting, and my puppyy :)

You could message me anytime if you want.

i am(one month close to )16, from Greece and i'd love to have an e-pal.....
i want someone to express my feelings to and i am very good with advices....

i'm 17, from california. message me if you'd like(: could definitely use some new people to chat with.


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